melissa jones at galerie camille

melissa jones at galerie camille

Continuing Narratives

“I am inspired by the visual poetry of the human form. I’m attracted to the turn of a wrist, the curve of a spine, the shadow of a collar bone. I love the way light can make skin glow and the way shadow defines a form, then the challenge of trying to recreate that beauty and complexity in paint. In addition to the physical qualities of a figure, I am interested in the psychological aspects of the human mind—and strive to convey mood and feeling in my paintings.” – Melissa Jones

Melina epoxy clay 15x6x8

Gary epoxy clay 15x6x8

If this work wasn’t so expertly executed, I wouldn’t have much interest in their meaning. The combination makes them irresistible. These figures make concrete a psychological phenomenon all humans experience on one level or another; the external show we put on to hide who we think we really are in order to navigate society undetected. The imagery can be a less-than interpretation, but maybe Melina likes being a wolf, she just doesn’t want you to know she does.

Feral oil on canvas 30x30

Feral’s melancholy mood is communicated through decaying surfaces, the subject’s expression and sallow skin tone. The title infers the rabbit is sustenance rather than sport. The hunter is compositionally positioned to the right with the rabbit’s head out of view, hiding the kill shot, leaving the picture as unsettling as the narrative.

Mabel and Go-Go oil on canvas 60x48

Mabel and Go-Go’s capture was one of those serendipitous moments during a shoot every photographer hopes for (Jones paints from photos). With plenty of generic kid-and-her-dog images in the can, suddenly the sun hit Mabel’s face just right and in a moment of tween ennui, she growled at Go-Go who was having none of it. Jones’ brighter palette gives this painting its playful, and very realistic, feel.

Fearless epoxy on antique corbel 38x10x9

Like the other figures rendered in colorless epoxy clay, this piece is relatively small yet more than capable of delivering its message. Fearless looks like how I’d imagine that feels; the figure open and reaching with calm feet firmly planted. Allowing a falcon to alight on your bare hand seems a bit chancy. I’ll say it’s a metaphor for dreams coming to fruition.

Time Travel mixed media 10x10x5

This piece simply made me smile.

Jones tells our human story not just from the outside but gets underneath to root out who we are and why we do the things we do. As society moves toward a more honest construct, maybe we can learn to match the view of ourselves to who we are becoming and aspire to be.

On view through Feb 5th at Galerie Camille 4130 Cass Ave Detroit

*images are mine



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